AFIP resolution 4702/2020

📌 #AyFInforma: The day 21/04/2020 the AFIP resolution was published 4702/2020, by which it was decided to exceptionally open the registration to the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (“AT”P) until the day 23 April 2020, inclusive.

We understand that the exceptional reopening has the following objectives

1) Allow employers who haven't already signed up.

2) Allow self-employed workers and people adhering to the Small Taxpayers Regime to register for the purposes of accessing the Zero Rate credits provided by the DNU 376/2020 posted on 21/04/2020.

3) It would allow employers who have already registered to rectify the financial information provided, in particular because, from the DNU 376/2020 (posted on 20/04/2020), the information requested by the program corresponds to the income invoiced between the days 12 March and 12 April 2019 Y 2020 (before it was from 20/03/2020).

It will be necessary to verify in the AFIP application, if indeed the possibility of this rectification is granted.

4) Finally, to allow employers to correct errors they have made when uploading their data, if they have received any notification from the AFIP in the electronic fiscal address.

In this sense, We reiterate the suggestion to check the electronic tax address daily.

On the other hand, AFIP recalls that all employers, both those who have already registered and those who do so until 23 of April, must inform the CBU of their workers and the code of the collective bargaining agreement to which they belong. This information is required to guarantee that workers have access to the benefits granted to each company..

The entire procedure is carried out through the AFIP website.

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