Dec. Adm. 887/2020 Modifications to the ATP Program

We inform that the day 25/05/2020 the Administrative Decision has been published in the Official Gazette 887/2020, through which the Chief of Staff decided to adopt the recommendations made in Act No. 12 by the Evaluation and Monitoring Committee of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (the texts are attached).

The most relevant measures of the standard that we comment on are the following:

1- Supplementary Salary

(i) Salary limit

Workers whose gross remuneration accrued in the month of March 2020 -according to the affidavits submitted by the employer- exceeds the sum of $250.000 (PESOS TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND).

In principle it is for the Supplementary Salary to be granted by May, though it could be extended.

(ii) Operational issues

Regarding the granting of benefits corresponding to wages earned in the month of May and the remainder of those corresponding to the month of April, It was provided that once the criteria and the incorporation of activities have been adopted by the Committee, Operational issues relating to the identification of beneficiaries and correction of errors or omissions in the information provided be coordinated and resolved between each of the MINISTRIES that provide information for this purpose and the AFIP.

2- Beneficiaries of postponement of employer contributions to SIPA

Regarding the salaries and contributions that accrue during the month of May, This benefit will reach all the companies that provide the activities incorporated into the ATP Program.

At first, no other requirement is specified to obtain this benefit for the month of May.

3- Dissemination of information on the beneficiaries of the ATP Program

It will begin to be published on the web page that the Head of Cabinet has available, the next information:

  • The list of beneficiaries of the postponement or reduction of employer contributions destined for SIPA, where it will be specified: the employer's name, COOKED, activities and type of benefit agreed;
  • The list of beneficiaries of the Supplementary Salary, where it will be specified: the employer's name, COOKED, activity and number of workers benefited by company;
  • Regarding the benefit of Zero Rate Credit, the amount of benefits (credits) agreed and the amount of the same added by categories of the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers or by having the status of self-employed.

To the effect, ANSES and AFIP must provide the information corresponding to such benefits to the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, proceeding to update it with the periodicity that is determined for its correct dissemination.

Regarding this measure, the rule does not clarify whether access to that list will be public or restricted.. But if it were of a public nature, the validity of said provision should be analyzed in relation to the different regulations in force in relation to the protection of personal data..

4- Incorporation of a new activity to the ATP Program

The incorporation of individualized sports practice institutions was ordered by the MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND SPORTS.

5- Condition of maintenance of benefits

It is reiterated that compliance with the requirements now established and adopted must constitute a condition of the agreed benefit, determining its non-compliance a cause for its expiration and the consequent obligation of the beneficiary to make the pertinent refunds to the National State.


Dec. Adm. 887-2020

Committee Minutes 12 – Dec. Adm 887-2020

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