A&F was born driven by the strong desire to change the way of practicing the profession. The founding partners dreamed and were convinced that there was a manner to improve it.

For example, we were confident that we could be more present in the daily dealing with clients so that our advice would be comprehensive; and, at the same time, generate a synergy with all the members of the Firm that would produce excellent work. We believed that the staff had to have a work schedule that would allow them to satisfactorily maintain the delicate balance between personal and work life. We were sure that taking care of the interest of our clients was our primary objective, choosing what type of matters to accept, what type of companies to represent and what interests to defend.

Today, with some years elapsed from that beginning, we feel very happy with what has been achieved: there is a feeling of confidence, joy, optimism, enthusiasm, in all the members of A&F.