Let's do it! Argentina

🌎♻️ A&F stick to the agenda 2030 for sustainable development promoted by the @unitednations . Because, at #World Environment Day we want to introduce you to @vamosahacerloar , a non-governmental organization that we accompany in our program #ProBono. Let's do it, Argentina! 💪 is a civic movement, that works to eliminate illegal garbage dumps through training sessions and massive cleaning, raising awareness among the population about the proper management of solid waste.

Let’s Do It! is an international non-profit civic movement, accredited member of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which started in Estonia in 2008, uniting 50.000 people who collected 10.000 tons of trash in just 5 hours.

Learn more at www.vamosahacerlo.com.ar/
#Spirit 🤝

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