We inform that on the day of the date the D.N.U was published in the B.O 487/2020, whereby the President of the Nation extended by 60 days the prohibition of dismissals and suspensions that had been provided in the DNU 329/2020 of 31 March 2020.

Be aware that the DNU 329/2020 the last day of validity was the day 29 May 2020, the term of the new DNU will start counting from the day 30 May 2020, then extending the prohibitions until the day 28 July 2020, inclusive.

  1. We remember the extended prohibitions:

(i) Prohibition of dismissals:

  1. Without just cause;
  2. Due to the causes of lack or decrease in work and force majeure.

(ii) Prohibition of suspensions:

  1. For reasons of force majeure;
  2. Due to lack or decrease of work.


  1. Violation of the prohibitions

Dismissals and suspensions that are ordered in violation of the established prohibitions, will have no effect, existing labor relations and their current conditions remain in force.

  1. Suspension arranged between employer and worker (art. 223 to LCT)

This type of suspension is exempt from the prohibitions.

We recall that this figure consists of an agreement from which the worker does not perform tasks for a certain time, due to force majeure or work reduction not attributable to the employer, or force majeure duly proven, and the employer agrees to pay you a non-remunerative cash allowance, being in charge of paying on said sum the contributions referred to the Welfare Projects.

The agreement can be agreed individually or collectively and must be approved by the Ministry of Labor.

We remain at your disposal.


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